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Review of 2XU EliteCompression Tights: 2 Words: Comfort & Value

2XU Compression Tights Performance

Whether you want to impress or protect your muscles, while scooping those medals and cashing in those million dollar cheques without a hassle. You’re on the right track considering 2XU Copmression Tights.

I’ts not everybody’s choice, but it makes a great compression gear for a wide range of people. The aim here is to help you establish, whether you fit within that wide range… or whether your compression gear money is better invested elsewhere.

We’re going to cover the performance ability of it, how it fits, what you can/can’t do with it, and how it compares to other models around the same price.

If you have a big question in mind, it’s probably covered in the table of contents you see below. Otherwise keep scrolling and let’s take this from the top!

Table of Contents

Why 2XU Brand?

It is one of the leading brands in compression products. The company has been engineering athletic garments for many years.

2XU stands for “Two Times You,” which symbolises the multiplication of human performance.

The company was established in 2005. Initially they made run and  triathlon gear and today they are the world’s most technical sportswear company.  

Furthermore,they are the official apparel supplier to multiple sporting institutions, such as, Athletics Australia and Navy Seals.

Your 2XU compression tight shouldn’t tear if you accidentally stretch it roughly. You’re not going to need a new pair if you bump into something one day. And your purchase should be the only compression tight you buy for the next 7 years.

The difference between 2XU compression tights?

Core Compression Tight (70 Denier) – lighter fabric designed to maximise flexibility and breathability to ensure comfort during active use. This tight will also provide recovery benefits.

Elite Compression Tight (70/105 Denier) – provides extra support to stomach muscles, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The point here is to maximise muscular ability to last through/tolerate bad times and reduce tiredness.

MCS Elite Compression Tight (70/105 Denier) – the next-generation MCS (Muscle Containment Stamping). This one focuses on greater compression power to wrap precise areas (calves/quads) and reduce muscle swinging back and forth and damage.

Recovery Compression Tight (105 Denier) – to aid the athlete’s return to form with the greatest possible efficiency. The optimal recovery tool after rigorous training and competition, and exceptional muscle support for non-aerobic activities.

Amazon.com: 2XU Men's Compression Tights: Clothing
2XU Men’s Compression Tights

Are 2XU compression garments just for winter or cold weather?

Compression garments are suitable all-year round.

Yes, they are good for cold weather climates. Many people wear compression for a breathable base layer. However, there is a range of thermal compression products made for cold weather climates.

The garments breathe exceptionally well and thus continue to offer benefits despite climatic conditions.

Additionally, the fabrics also offer the highest clothing sun protection factor of UPF50+ to protect your skin from the sun when training outdoors.

Are 2XU Tights True to Size?

Based on the size guide, if you are on the borderline, generally sizing down for better compression, is recommended. Ideally, you should try on the two size options to determine the best fit if possible.

Men’s Elite Compression Tights

Women’s Elite Compression Tights

Are 2XU Tights See-through?

2XU has recently upgraded all the back panels of its women’s tights to a higher denier and denser fabric to help with any possible sheerness issues. A fitness compression tight, that offers milder compression with an interlock fabric for greater coverage, is also available.

Are 2XU Tights Worth It?


Compression clothing has been proven to improve athlete performance before, during and after activity. This is done through improved circulation, muscle containment and reduced muscle vibration.



Graduated compression increases blood circulation to the heart and small areas in the body that fight disease for a faster, safer warm up period before exercise or competitions.



Contains the muscle to reduce vibration, minimise damage and overall fatigue during exercise to enhance output.


Applied pressure to the skin surface increases sensory awareness for improved posture, agility, mobility and stability.


AIS study has revealed increased power and decreased heart rates whilst wearing 2XU compression.

2XU Women's Core Compression Tights (Black/Fluro Pink, Large Tall ...



Graduated pressure shortens the recovery cycle through increased pumping action of the related to the heart and blood vessels system.


Efficient removal of blood lactate from muscles to reduce swelling, speed muscle repair & reduce soreness.

3. HELPS REDUCE THE RISK OF DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

Through heightened blood circulation, 2XU Compression helps reduce swelling in feet and ankles and lowers the risk of blood clots, DVT.

Ease of Use

After you’ve ripped the tights out of the box and pulled at it a bit see how comfortably it really fits (will it happen magically if I just put this?!). You’ll see, on the care tag of the individual gear you own, washing instructions for extra long use (product care instructions).

Honestly, it’s a bit of a challenge to put one of these on, let alone pulling them through your nude feet. It might take you about 10 minutes or so depending on how flexible you are. I suggest putting socks on first, to allow easy sliding of the garment.

However, once fitted, it all works like wonders.

Still Not Convinced? Here’s A Fresh Look…

2XU Tights are well reviewed and customers particularly like how comfortable they are.

Customer reviews on Amazon are 4.6 out of 5 at the time of writing.

One 46 year old reviewer even noted that she was able to put on 1000 miles on them while hiking and working. She usually hikes for 12 hours. If that’s not comfortable enough for you, I don’t know what will be!

Statistically speaking, you’re almost guaranteed to be happy with this purchase. It won’t matter whether you’re wearing your compression tights on a strenuous training, participating in a competition, you’ll rarely feel inconvenienced by these tights.

Hockey Australia

Buy Or Not?

If you’re a woman under 243lb and 6’6″ height or a men under 310lb and 6’11” height…If you’re mainly sticking to the asphalt…Should you be an intermediate to professional level trainer and you’ve got a spare $110 lying around, there isn’t better value for money compression tights than 2XU.

You’ll run faster, you’ll always feel like going an extra mile without any pain, and you’ll have invested in a possession that’ll be with you for years; Like a cold, hard steel best friend.

Talking about durability “Two years ago I bought an expensive compression tight. It was torn days before the warranty expired. There are a few things worse than the feeling of having invested in an item you expected to last, only to see it tear and wear, along with your hard earned cash.”

For a women whose over 242lb and a men 309lb you’re better off with HOYISOX. If you’re a beginner trainer, our pick is CompressionZ. But, if you’re really in this for a bargain, you can’t go past Danskin for women and DRSKIN for men.

Still Not Sure? Check Here!

After hours going through statistics on compression tight materials and perceived comfort. I can tell you that you won’t find a light, flexible and comfortable compression than on the 2XU tights.

“The material of the 2XU is made with highest grade circular knit structure. This ensures 360 degrees stretch, flexibility, power and durability, especially for professional athletes. Therefore, it is perfect for training, competing, and recovery.”

If you’re a professional trainer, this is definitely for you. Well, I agree that the price is pretty steep. But you get value for your money. Maybe, you might find something similar but I guarantee, you won’t get the same results.

For just a beginner or casual in the exercise world. It all depends on your budget. But, its’ not necessary for you to spend so much money, unless you’re eager to become a pro or a regular in training.

One more thing, If you want a great buy, then this is for you!

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