As a gym fanatic and someone who loves exercise in a group, I often find myself exercising advanced levels techniques with my gym buddies. While I love getting creative in the field, I’ve often been disappointed by the lack online resources dedicated to making advanced exercise techniques enjoyable, comfortable and impact protected.

Adjusting, simplifying and modifying exercises worked for me most of the time, but it was a pretty inefficient way to exercise with my gym buddies, and it’s not always favourable especially if you want to get desired fitness results within a specified time period. You can also suffer impact injuries like I did and not workout until full recovery, which can take years and sometimes a lifetime and probably cost you your career.

To Do Exercise was created as a place for others like me to find solutions to the unique exercising conditions we face when we either begin gym or opt for advanced exercise techniques. Whether you are a gym fanatic like me or you just like to exercise oncein a while to keep for and healthy, To Do Exercise is here to provide tips, tricks and recommendations that will help you exercise efficiently, without sacrificing protection.

As To Do Exercise came together, we realised there’s some information that’s just too good not to share, even if it’s not necessarily for a team of 10. That’s why we chose to …. with To Do Exercise you can find exercise impact protection for children, fancy.