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Best 5 Organic Essential Oils for Post-Workouts: 2020 review

Best Organic Essential Oils
Post-Workout Organic Essential Oils

Are you suffering from muscle acne due to strenuous stretching or novice exercises? The following 5 best reviewed 2020 organic essential oils are sure to do the trick.

There is no need to let the pain last you longer than it should. You get muscle pains time and again due to exercise or other. The first remedy you consider is over-the-counter pain killers to ease the pain faster.

But, for how long can you keep up? You’re probably not quite receptive of regular intake of pills. Probably, its because you’re health conscious or they are just not doing the trick.

Then, just maybe, you can start opening up to alternative methods of alleviating the pain. Find out here, how other methods can help you. Most importantly, be sure to know if they are safe to use or not.

Well, you couldn’t have chosen the right place and time to do it. Here is some little information from my experiences, which I think will help you decide.

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#1. Peppermint Organic Essential Oil: Best Cooler and Anti-Inflammatory

Peppermint Best Organic Essential Oil
Post-Workout Peppermint Organic Essential Oil

This organic essential oil is viewed as one of the best. When it comes to cooling and treating inflammatory of the muscles, it excels. Especially, after working out.

Peppermint Organic Essential Oil has the best cooling and refreshing effect. For example, you can apply it on areas of concern just after working out.

It has worked wonders for me over the years. It still does.


  • Relieves tight and sore muscles – has menthol – has a cooling effect
  • Increases mental focus, alertness and energy
  • Anti-inflammatory – acts as a mild sedative and natural pain reliever
  • Reduces muscle cramps – through its antispasmodic component, which suppresses muscle spasms
  • It’s also a good remedy for bruises


  • Far more concentrated than other essential oils – it’s necessary to dilute with a carrier oil
  • May cause skin irritation – test a small patch of your skin first
  • Not meant to be taken orally – can cause heartburn, nausea, and vomiting

However, if you’re interested in an overall organic essential oil, then peppermint is the perfect choice. It works well on pre, post and during workout.

#2. Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil: Best Strong Anti-Inflammatory

Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil: Post-Workout
Post-Workout Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil

It would be criminal to deny the eucalyptus organic essential oil it’s attributes. Particularly when it comes to relieving inflammatory. Our review speaks for itself.

The eucalyptus essential oil comes from a tree called Blue Gum. The steamed distilled leaves produce natural compounds called Tannins. The latter is good in reduction of inflammation.

So there, you know the secret, exact place where our master eucalyptus gets his superior anti-inflammatory powers.


  • Relieves muscle strains thereby reducing inflammation
  • Great massage tool – about 4 drops with carrier oil
  • Soothes and heals through its pine-camphor scent
  • Cooling effect on muscles – helps minimum pain and inflammation
  • Can be used safely on skin, as long as it’s diluted


  • Not be used too close to eyes – can cause irritation and burning feeling
  • Highly allergic – best to test on small part of skin first
  • Can develop allergies overtime – if so, discontinue
  • Can’t apply to skin when not diluted

If you’re looking for the best possible natural reliever for all types of pain and inflammation, there isn’t anything better than the eucalyptus organic essential oil.

#3. Lemon Organic Essential Oil: Highest Booster

Lemon Organic Essential Oil: Post-Workout
Post-Workout Lemon Organic Essential Oil

Now, selecting this particular organic essential oil as one of the best for 2020 in terms of post working out, comes with great ecstasy.

The lemon organic essential oil is well-known for it’s energy boosting effect.

The essential oil can withstand any type of your exhaustion, call it workout, hiking or cycling. It can take it all.


  • Bright cheerful fresh aroma – enhances your mood, relaxes your mind, revitalises and uplifts your spirit
  • Stimulates the immune system – aids lymphatic draining and fat loss.
  • Energy booster – reduces after workout exhaustion
  • Stress reliever – decreases anxiety and depression
  • The fresh scent – Increases your focus


  • Need to apply sunblock – if exposed to light, to protect against ultra-violet light
  • Use skin patch first to avoid skin irritation
  • Pregnant women and children should consult a doctor first before use

Whether you have the love for fruits or not, you’ll fall in love with the lemon organic essential oil relaxing aroma.

#4. Lavender Organic Essential Oil: Effective Calmness

Lavender Organic Essential Oil: Post-Workout
Post-Workout Lavender Organic Essential Oil

Furthermore, lavender organic essential oil is chosen as one of our best reviewed for post-workout as it carries a variety of attributes with it.

Well, lets not also forget how popular and receptive the oil is for its various functions by different ethnic groups around the world.


  • Pain reliever – it helps to ease muscles, joint pain and sprains
  • The essential oil calms and relaxes nerves and mind
  • It relieves inflammation by soothing aching muscles
  • Refreshing aroma- boosts your mood
  • Improves blood circulation – reduces high blood pressure levels


  • It can cause allergy – resulting in headache, nausea and vomiting
  • The essential oil can cause skin irritation – apply to small area first
  • If on chronic medication- consult a doctor first

If you’re more keen on a relaxing and calming effect, then you will bond with the lavender organic essential oil.

#5. Marjoram Organic Essential Oil: Best 2020 Reviewed Post-Gym Soother

Marjoram Organic Essential Oil: Post-Workout
Post-Workout Marjoram Organic Essential Oil

Speaking for itself, the marjoram organic essential oil is considered one the best 2020 assessed post-exercise remedy. This is due to its outstanding ability of easing pain and inflammation.

Marjoram essential oil is also called the happiness herb


  • The essential oil calms and relaxes sore – tense and sore muscles
  • Can help in muscle recovery and repair – by massage or warm bath
  • Marjoram organic essential oil relaxes the nervous tension
  • Boosts recovery after working out – soothes tired muscles and reduces inflammation
  • Aid in joint and muscle pain – massage enlarges arteries and small blood vessels
  • Comforting and Calming – stimulates tender and gentle feelings


  • Possibly unsafe for children, pregnant nursing women
  • Possibly unsafe to be taken continuously for a long period
  • Can cause allergic reactions – if you’re allergic to plants such as lavender, basil, mint, sage and other members of the Lamiaceae family of plants

If you’re looking for an outstanding post-exercise remedy in muscle recovery, then marjoram organic essential oil is your friend.

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