Best Exercise Games 2020

Games Best for Brain Exercise: 2020 Review on 5 Games

Best Brain Exercises Games 2020
Best Brain Game Exercises

Here’s how you can calm yourself, children or elderly, when dementia or anxiety hits home. I have the best idea, and – Walla! It’s a combination of fun and exercise put together. Brain exercise games!

Is this you?

That’s it! I’ve had it! Now, I need help. I’m really tired of the screaming, shouting, anger and mood swings that go around this house.

What do you say? Are you keen now?

It’s probably hard to decide right away. That’s okay. But for now, let’s work together to put that beautiful smile on your face.

#1. Anger Management Workbook for Kids: Best Games Exercise (6-11 years)

Best  Exercise Game for Kids
The Best Exercise Game for Kids

Who ever new that exercise activities would have such a huge positive impact on kids controlling their anger?

This is your way out! You’ll thank me later.


  • Fun to work through, bright coloured and child friendly
  • Explains anger in a daily human living way
  • Identifies and explains anger in pictures and colours
  • The child is able to express their feelings through the book activities
  • Helps kids now themselves better and find their ways
  • Best of Both – Provides insights for adults and activities for kids


  • Some activities can be a little bit immature for other kids
  • A few activities might be too challenging for some kids
  • Some kids respond better to interactive activities

If you have tried everything from calming techniques to counseling, yet with no help. The Anger Management Workbook for Kids can be your ticket to peace.

#2. The End of Alzheimer’s: One of The Best Dementia Exercise Games

Best Games Exercise for Dementia Alzhermer
The Best Game Exercise for Alzheimer

The exercise is the first best game that you can easily use to prevent and reverse dementia, build familiarity and have some laughs together as a family.


  • Straight forward and proven working methods
  • Speaks a lot about Alzheimer true experiences
  • Very detailed on Alzheimer topic
  • Works wonders and there’s improvements if guidelines are followed
  • Takes you step by step through protocol implementation


  • Pricey
  • Complicated to understand implement for some users
  • Not enough evidence to support the claims of healing

If you’re looking for no more fear and confusion episodes, then The End of Alzheimer program is for you. But if you’re interested in a more active game, Active Minds Animal Bingo will not disappoint.

#3. Fitivities: The Best Family Brain Exercise Activity (Ages 6 & up)

Family Brain Exercise Activity

Ease the tension in the house with fun exercise games that accommodate almost every member of the family.


  • Encourages active movement for all parties participating
  • Can be played simultaneously by small and large families
  • Exercises works well on both summer and winter days
  • Family quality time – gives a fun family game experience
  • Easy to structure and play


  • Hazardous – small objects not suitable for kids under 3 years
  • Some activities can be too predictable
  • Much more fun when played in teams

If you want to relax and rejuvenate your mind, at home or on an outing, while bonding with your family, the Fitivities will do just that.

#4. 399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young – Best for Elderly

Elderly Exercise
Elderly Exercise

The right game exercise for your brain will give best results. It doesn’t matter how old or young. In actual fact, it keeps your mind fresh.


  • Fun and engaging, also simple to play
  • Helps to improve memory
  • Activities can be played in teams
  • No need for high vocabulary to master the game
  • Encourages learning and mind exercise


  • Might not appealing to young generation – has historical references
  • Not for dementia patients
  • Definitely for older generation

And if your main concern old age history games, go with the The Original BUDDHA BOARD.

#5. Nina Ottosson By Outward Hound – Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys-: Best for Dogs

Dog Exercise

Brain exercise has never been better for dogs by incorporating all possible fun ways of playing.


  • Easy to put together and lots of fun
  • Easy to clean – use soap and warm water to wash
  • Relieves boredom – Keeps your puppy on its toes
  • Diversity – can give your dog up to 20 treats
  • Stimulates the brain – Your dog will be mentally energised


  • Requires training to prevent dogs from chewing up items
  • Need to supervise the dogs during activity – chewing and swallowing
  • Material are not so strong

The game will keep your dog to want more but if your dog is too smart or advanced in training then the Dog Casino or Dog Twister would be ideal.

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