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Mental Health Benefits of Exercise 2020: Green Environment

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Ever puzzled why you immediately feel refreshed simply by just looking at an image of a green garden? It’s as a result of vegetation, normally, has curative powers you not ever knew existed. That’s correct. Plants and positivity go duke in hand. So, in case you’re trying to boost your mental fitness for mental health benefits, specifically throughout the pandemic, a method to do it is by way of decorating your home with some potted plant life.

We’ve rounded up most desirable calm vegetation which are bound to bring high-quality vibes on your life in general and while working out. Here are some of the mental health benefits you can indulge in:

#1. Bamboo Plant or Lucky Bamboo Plant: Good Health Benefit

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The plant is wide-spread to convey good fortune in fitness as well as love existence. This low upkeep plant, submerged in at the least one inch of freshwater, may also be saved in any nook of your house with low lighting.


  • Convey abundance and good affluence
  • Money Plant: delivers fiscal prosperity on your lifestyle
  • Brings good fortune if kept in a home
  • Attracts positive energy – gives good health, peace, happiness
  • Air purifier – give out oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide


  •  Vigorous rhizome root system – It’s important to place something solid or a stepping stone under your pot. If not, the roots will eventually crawl through the drain hole and get into the soil.
  • Need to prune roots regularly – Otherwise the roots grow beyond the size of the pot and eventually start suffocating and burst out due to pressure
  • Still if roots are trimmed regularly – Never grow to their maximum size in a pot
  • Watering bamboo in pot – Requires more care and attention as the pot soil dries up more quicker than open ground soil. Sometimes, the water might just filter through the pot due to the pressured roots that can’t absorb anymore water.

As you can see, there are many positive results, which will benefit you and your workout space, especially when it comes to Bamboo.

Most of the odds can be easily overcome. One thing for sure, you’ll have the flexibility of it’s growth. You definitely, won’t have to worry about the plant taking over your entire outdoor garden.

Tips on how grow Bamboo in doors

#2. Basil Plant: Relaxation – One of The Greatest Mental Health Benefits

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Now, the plant is not only most effective in bringing uplifting delicious tastes to your pasta yummy pesto sauce, but it surely also does a good accord in freeing your mind of tension.


  • Heals the environment
  • Antioxidant – clears unwanted energies and spreads harmony
  • Keeps air clean and fresh
  • Easy care
  • Easy to grow


  • Nutrient-rich soil – successfully grow indoors
  • Enough drainage on pots – not tolerant to water stress
  • Roots pone to rotting – if soil is soggy. Therefore, need soil to be moist
  • Requires fertilising – half the recommended strength of general houseplant fertiliser can be used

Please take note that lighting is important when growing basil indoors. It needs at least 6 hrs of sunlight. For artificial lighting like fluorescent light, it should be about 10 hours.

Tips on how to grow Basil indoors

#3. Aloe Vera: Air Purification – One of The Best Mental Health Benefits

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Aloe Vera plant apart from its various skin, hair and fitness merits, the plant has healing properties and is known for its capability to get rid of harmful chemical substances within the ambiance, thus purifying the air you breathe.


  • Removes carbon dioxide
  • Purifies Air – of formaldehyde and benzene – two chemicals commonly found in household cleaning products 
  • Non-demanding – grows slowly and needs your patience
  • Easy to grow – grow well on a shelf, windowsill or other area, without direct sunlight.
  • Seldom gives growth problems
  • Doesn’t require much water


  • Too much sunlight & under-watering – dry brown leaf spots
  • Over-watering – wilted leaves. Need to check pot drainage system
  • Rotten root system – very soft leaves. Might be over-watering
  • Toxic for cats and dogs

I would confidently say that the aloe vera takes in a lot of carbon dioxide more actively at night and releases oxygen when it’s exposed to sunlight again.

Tips on how to grow aloe vera indoors

#4. Lavender Bulb: Inner Peace Benefit for Mental Health

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Lavender is commonly used in essential oils for its comforting and relaxing impact on the mind.

It’s strong aroma instantly helps one think cozy and be at peace. The bulb, with its delicate purple flowers, if put at a place where you would be able to scent them regularly, tends to have better healing results.


  • Calming effect – from fantastic smell and colour
  • Air purifier
  • Rich fragrance at home
  • Helps improve sleep
  • Harmful bug repellent


  • Requires more care – watered every second day
  • Needs plenty of light to grow – must be places in direct sunlight
  • Not all lavender cultivars grow well indoors

Best choices to grow indoor are French Lavenders, Goodwin Creek Grey or Munstead.

Tips for growing lavender indoor

#5. Money Plant: Stress Reliever Benefit

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Money Plant as the name suggests, this plant is said to bring financial prosperity in your life.

It also has the power to produce a flow of good luck if you keep it inside your house. It not only absorbs the synthetic chemicals from your furnishings but also helps relieve you of stress and anxiety.

So, you can definitely bid riddance to any kind of negative energy with a money plant at home.


  • Absorbs synthetic chemicals from your furnishings
  • Helps relieve tension and anxiousness
  • Gets rid of the negative energy
  • Natural purifier- fresh air and good health
  • Releases oxygen at night – help in easy breathing
  • Grows in water – it does not require any nutrients
  • Grows in soil – look dark green in sandy or loamy soil
  • Requires water only 2 to 3 times a month


  • Favours good drainage systems
  •  Needs bright but indirect light, actually grows better in shade
  • Loves moderate-to-high humidity
  • Direct sunlight causes leaf-scorching
  • Avoid hot temperatures – lead to leaf loss

For the mere fact the money plant can absorb a tremendous amount of air pollution, exert fresh air and keep calmness in a home, should surely be enough to keep it as an indoor plant.

Tips on how to grow money plant indoor

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